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Wolf Tickets
For all things David/Colby
Episode Tag Challenge: 6.13 Devil Girl 
30th-Jan-2010 11:48 am
spikedluv: hand on chest by tazi
A new ep tag challenge! Remember, there is no time limit for you to write your tag, and you can write tags for any previous ep as well. Just let us know what ep your tag is for so we can keep the posts organized

How about David rushing to the hospital when he hears about the accident, or taking care of Colby after?

They talk some more about Colby’s current (if temporary) driving issues.

Clearly they’re headed out for drinks. What happens after?

These are just some ideas off the top of my head; take your fic wherever you want.

Episode Tags, Missing Scenes, and Alternate/Rewritten Scenes related to this (or any) episode are all welcome.

Label your fic so we know which ep it’s for.

Follow the posting rules listed on the community profile.

Have fun!
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