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Wolf Tickets
For all things David/Colby
Fic: Undercover Lovers (David/Colby, NC-17) 
24th-Apr-2010 11:18 pm
blue, casey
Title: Undercover Lovers
Author: anonlover/Lilith
Pairing: David/Colby
Rating: Personally, I think it's R-ish, but NC-17 just in case.
Prompt: written for n3_kinkmeme; "David/Colby, undercover lovers"
Warnings: Mild usage of the word "queer" meant as a derogatory slur.
Summary: A stakeout gone so horribly...right.

This fic is a huge first for me: first smut!fic, first slashfic, first David/Colby fic, hell it's only my second Numb3rs fic. Also, written during the hours of 3am and 5am; I was literally running off of fumes. So I'm sure there're typos, tense inconsistencies, OOCness and such. Sooooo...constructive criticism plz?

"this is a bad idea, man."

"relax, david. we've been here three hours, and nothing's happened."

"we have another potential five hours ahead of us. five!"

"yeah, and?"

"annnnd, anything can happen in five hours! we're not even halfway through our shift!"

"shhhh, calm down, dude! seriously...act like you've never done a stakeout before."


"you done? good. hm, great, my coffee's cold."

"i'm just saying, there's no cover out here."


"we're in plain sight, how's nobody gonna notice--sigh? did you just say, sigh, out loud?"

"yes, i did. i'll have you know it's what all the cool kids do these days."

"i'm not even gonna start, colby. man, why the hell are you not even concerned about us sticking out like a sore thumb out here, huh? it's a damn warehouse district, half of these are abandoned, and we're in a shiny ass black suv! you got some back up plan i don't know about?"

"it's also a populargaycruisingspot."

"what was that?"

"nothing. answer: yes, i do. i'll have you know i've got a plan b in case we're spotted."



"you gonna tell me anytime soon?"



"if i tell you, promise you won't freak out on me?"

"i'm not gonna like this, am i?"

"no, so i'm just gonna lay it out, rip it off like duct tape."

"like a band-aid."

"ya, whatever. when i say go, i want you to...say, how long we been partners, man?"


"i'm serious, david, we've been through a lot."


"look, we've been through hell and back. life and death. the freighter, the wooly bugger."

"colby! we agreed to not talk about this, and to answer your question: we've been partners long enough for me to know when you're dodging my question. what's the plan?"

"ok, ok, geez. i warned you. when i say go, i want you to pull the lever and let your seat go down about 30 degrees."

"...that's it?"

"also...while im ripping your shirt open after i jump over to straddle your lap, you rip mine open too, and push it down off of my shoulders. but not too far, i have to be able to touch you and have full range of motion. also..."


"...i'm gonna start kissing on your neck, and while i'm doing that, you keep a lookout over my shoulder. we'll keep our hands on each other's waists so you can grab my, uh, gun, and i can grab yours. also..."


"we know they only have 2 lookouts, so any more, or if they start bringing some back up, let me know and i'll jump back to my side and just drive the hell out of here."

"...NO...that. is. never. gonna--"

"aw crap, you're right! that's never gonna be believable that we've been sitting here for this long and haven't even gone past second base."

"that is not what i--colby? colby? what the hell!"

"calm down, dude, i'm just taking off my pants."


"ok, slight change. what, dude, don't look if you have a problem! alright, hope you're not squeamish, but now it'll be more real if i'm naked from the waist down. i'll just have to bounce on your lap a little bit, make it look good, ok?"


"what now, oh! i see what you're saying. ok i'll take off my shirts too, make it realer than real. annnnd, there. better. yeesh, kinda chilly in here. my nips are all--"


"what?! i'm the one sacrificing my heterosexuality here, you just have to sit there! i have to pretend that i'm bouncing on your cock--oh, oh roger that, it's showtime!"

Shift change. The burly scarfaced guard with the shotgun at the door shifted to his feet, anxious to get some dinner.

"'Sup, Tonio."

"Nothing new, Jesse. Them queers are still at it. Must be fuckin' like rabbits, man. Car's been shaking."

"Sure they're queer? Man what if there's a chick in there? Fuuuck, what if there's two? C'mon let's go take a look."

"Fine but if I see any dick, I'm out, man."
Half a second later, and Colby Granger, with all the grace that a naked man could muster, did exactly what he said he'd do, and jumped on top of his partner.

David Sinclair, a stand up Federal heterosexual Agent, looked everywhere but at Colby's long, cut, floppy cock bouncing in mid-pounce onto his own lap. He braced himself, and felt the pop, pop, pop of buttons as the other man ripped his shirt apart in pretend sex frenzy.

"What are you doing man, stop staring and touch me! My gun's under my left thigh if you need it."

This, hotly whispered against the shell of his ear, did not make David gulp heavy lungfuls of air like a drowning man. He did however, place one hand on Colby's left knee with the other hand gripping his waist. David shook his head slightly to clear the fog from his brain and concentrated on the matter at hand.

Two large men approached the vehicle, as if out on a leisurely stroll. No discernible weapons, but the man wearing the trench coat could possibly have a small arsenal on him. He whispered this to Colby, who in turn nodded and let his head drop onto David's shoulder and then--

David Sinclair's universe exploded in white hot flames

--had they been shot?! No! No blood, so then... And when Colby's mouth returned to softly kiss and lick the juncture of David's neck and shoulder, David knew.

His partner had just blown his mind.

His body willingly succumbed to the sweet torture of tongue and teeth on firm muscled flesh. His eyelids drooped, a faraway, logical part of his brain registering that the two men outside were barely 15 feet from the car. Time to make this good. Time to make this realer than real.

With just a touch of gentleness, but roughly nonetheless, David yanked Colby's head up and a little to the right, capturing his mouth unerringly. It was equal parts greedy, hungry and dirty, both exactly and the opposite of how he always pictured their first kiss to be. They were gun toting, adrenaline junkie men, who shed sweat, blood and sometimes tears to serve their fellow citizens on a daily basis. And dammit, they kissed like it too. No soft curves or pliant lines; their mouths were hard angles, like the fingers of a man scrabbling for purchase, dangling on the point of a cliff: it was just as frightening and thrilling. Teeth lightly nipping, tongues dragging against each other and over and inside chapped lips, and oh, if David Sinclair were less of a man he'd have already cum, hard, in his pants, from this kiss.

As it was, when it struck him that the growing, slightly sticky puddle on his lower abdomen was from Colby's leaking cock, David swore he would have pissed himself in surprise if he wasn't hard as fuck and straining to escape his two too many layers of clothes.

Colby, bless him, read his mind and fumbled with David's belt and zipper. He had to break the kiss to restore his much needed oxygen supply and to expedite the Strip-David-Now process.

As David felt his own cock being freed from its prison, his hands had come alive and were intent on mapping every curve, nook and line of Colby's muscled body. With each inch of hard flesh he touched, his need mounted, and he growled with frustration, wanting...just wanting.

Finally! his pants and boxers slid to his ankles, and he hurriedly shook one leg out of them, eager to taste the salty skin of Colby's chest. He closed his eyes and just felt by sense, skimming his lips over the light dusting of hair, pressing the flat of his tongue over well defined pecs, at last coming to pucker his lips over the taut bud of a nipple.

This lasted for hours, it seemed like, David eager to touch with hands and mouth; Colby overwhelmed by all this attention. Unbeknownst to them, the guards just about bolted once they got close enough to see the naked, milky expanse of Colby's muscled back and ass.

With one particularly sharp nibble on his Adam's apple, Colby cried out; he had been crying out, all this time, but it was like cotton was suddenly yanked out of David's ears, and hearing his partner's usually gravelly voice hitch and moan like that, was like...sex.

Sex..huh. The sudden thought of the unknown gave David pause. He vaguely knew the mechanics of gay sex from the jokes he's heard and cracked. But, this. Hum. Faced with the reality of the situation, mostly the awkward setting of the front passenger seat, David was at a loss. His brow furrowed, eyes still closed, still sucking, gently now, on an oversensitized nipple. Was it possible to do anything more than kissing, feeling and teasing without a bed? What was supposed to happen next?

Coming down from his high, cock twitching in alarm at David's sudden decrease in ardor, Colby misinterpreted what was going on in David's head. His moans quieted and instead he started to panic, his breathing heavy and grating to his own ears. Was this all a joke? Did David turn the tables, made it seem real as revenge for not telling him the plan earlier? Or...was it temporary insanity, and he was now coming to his senses and realized that this was just a--

"Colb. Baby. No, no no no, don't cry. What's the matter?"

He furiously swiped at his blurry eyes and his biceps bunched with the effort of holding back from clocking Sinclair in the mouth, twice. Once for calling him Baby ('Baby? Really?'), and another for calling attention to his tears of anger, dammit. Tears of manly fucking anger.

"Fuck you, David. What the fuck was that to you?! A joke? An Oscar-worthy performance? The way you reacted before--"

David was supposed to be angry. That was how goading a man into a fight worked. But David didn't follow the rules this time. He didn't yell back or push Colby off of him. Instead, he moaned, long, and low, letting his head fall back against the headrest.

"Fuck...me? Colby, I..." With heavy lidded eyes, David looked at his own right hand, resting on Colby's shoulder, and watched the path it took down across his chest. Down across his stomach. Dowh, down, until he curled it tentatively around Colby's beautiful, floppy cock. Gone semi-soft with the momentary surge in anger, that one touch had him standing at attention and drooling out precum so fast, he was sure he saw it salute David's hand.

David took Colby's chin in his other hand, lifting it up until they were eye to eye again.

"Colby...you, you would...do that, to me?" David's eyes were bright and full of something, something Colby didn't really want to think about too hard, but something that pulled at something else beating wildly in his own chest. All Colby could do was nod.

David's eyes darkened with desire again, and to Colby's delight, the hand that wrapped around him started moving in delicious ways. Lightly stroking up and down, mostly exploring, memorizing the curve of its head and all the ridges and veins outlined proudly on him. Colby leaned down, slowly, for another kiss.

But suddenly--

David's phone rang, not quite shattering the atmosphere, but definitely cracked it just a little bit.

With a groan, Colby rested his head on David's chest, and leaned down to fetch and answer the call.

"Don. Yeah. No. Now? Sure. Bye."


"Yeah, fuck."

"He calling us in?"

"Yeah, warrant pulled through for the other property. Gotta meet him there in twenty."


Laughter filled the car as duty called, libidos calmed, and clothes were put back on.


"Always queers out here, fuck."

"I know. Just once, is it too hard to ask to get some lesbians out here?"

The drive out was uneventful, mostly quiet, but easy, calm, and relaxing. Two pairs of alert eyes scanned the road for potential troubles as they cut through the afternoon traffic with the aid of blue lights.

As they pull up, slower and quieter, without the lights and siren, David grabs Colby's wrist as he shuts off the gas.

"Hey. How long we been partners, man?"

"Uh, not really the time, David, can we--"

"The answer is: long enough, yet too short a time."

"Philosophical David, can we go back to work please?"

"Colby, dammit, I'm trying to say something here!"

"I know. And in the interest of time, David, I'm just gonna lay it out there. I'm gonna rip--"

"Interest of time, my ass, just say it!"

"Fine!...I love you too, partner."
25th-Apr-2010 10:34 am (UTC)
LOL Adorable! :)
25th-Apr-2010 11:25 am (UTC)
Wonderful :)
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