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Welcome to Wolf Tickets, a community devoted to the slashy slashy love of Agents David Sinclair and Colby Granger of Numb3rs.


1. Any and all David/Colby-oriented fic, art, vids, screencaps, discussion and general squee are welcome here.

2. Use descriptive subject lines and appropriate headers in your posts.

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4. Please keep your posts on-topic, and respect other community members.

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Colby: David, I get that you're senior agent, okay, but you could've backed my play in there.
David: Man, it was a bad play! You can't sell wolf tickets to hardcore bangers.
Colby: Wolf tickets?

David: It's Colby, I think he's running hot.
Don: Well, before you say anything else, he was just in here bitching about you. And what are wolf tickets?
David: It's a bad bluff, you know, the boy who cried wolf.

Colby: You think I'm selling wolf tickets, man? Try me.

--Numb3rs Episode 2.01, "Judgment Call"

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